Continental youth leaders discuss how African youth have fared under CAADP and what opportunities and lessons have been learned. Learn more about how to get involved locally, regionally, and at the continental level.

Africa Lead Final Year Learning Series

The objective of the Africa Lead II Final Year Learning Series is to educate Africa Lead’s partners about how the program’s work has evolved over the last six years. Through a series of webinars, in-person events and thought pieces the series will explore how the flexible program has allowed USAID and Feed the Future to respond to the rapidly changing African-led food security and resilience policy landscape.

Why does Africa’s Continental Food Security Policy Framework Matter to Smallholder Farmers Everywhere?
African-led Agriculture & Resilience.

Africa Lead is one of Feed the Future and USAID’s primary food security capacity building programs in sub Saharan Africa. Feed the Future (FTF) is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.

Institutional Architecture for Food Security & Resilience
Institutional architecture (IA) provides a framework for understanding and improving a country’s capacity to undertake transparent, inclusive and evidence-based policy change to improve food security and resilience. Africa Lead supports countries and stakeholders to advance the IA process through facilitation and tools.
Africa Lead
Trainer Directory

Africa Lead has invested in building the capacity of experienced trainers/facilitators that are able to understand and facilitate discussions relating to agricultural transformation and have a proven track record in delivering capacity building training programs for multiple stakeholders within the agricultural sector.

In celebration of the 2019 International Women's Day, Africa Lead released a short video and blog post about the program's work to highlight the important roles women (and youth) play in African agriculture, through media activities. As part of the post Africa Lead released two impact evaluation reports about the media activities it supported; "Don't Lose the Plot" and "Kumekucha".
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Updates from Africa Lead

The Four C’s; Facilitating Joint Work Planning for South Sudan’s Recovery and Resilience Partnership

South Sudan’s Partnership for Resilience and Recovery (PfRR) was formed among local stakeholders and international organizations to bring a “new way of working” that shifts focus from “meeting needs” to […]

PREG Annual Learning Event: The Journey to Self-Reliance through Resilience Building and Economic Growth

USAID’s Partnership for Resilience and Economic Growth (PREG) facilitated an Annual Learning Event in Isiolo, Samburu, and Marsabit counties from 18 to 23 of August 2019. The event engaged a […]

Commune of Saraya stakeholders don “Nutrition Lens” to explore ways for improving community health

During a recent three-day workshop in the Kedougou Region of Senegal, local governance planning stakeholders donned what was figuratively called a “nutrition lens” to look for new ways to make […]

Seed Sector “SWAT” Team Formed at Joint Learning Visit for Regional Seed Sector Stakeholders

Despite harmonized policies, cross-border seed trade is still lagging behind. There is a significant discrepancy between what is stated in harmonized policies and the actual seed certification and border procedures […]