Africa Lead Learning Resources

Final Year Learning Series

Africa Lead is one of Feed the Future and USAID’s capacity building programs in sub-Saharan Africa. With a specific focus on supporting African-led food security and resilience, Africa Lead II’s goal has been to advance and support the African Union’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme’s (CAADP) and USAID’s own goals of reduced hunger and poverty, and improved nutrition. The six-year program has supported the U.S. government’s Feed the Future programs alongside USAID and its bilateral and regional missions. To achieve African-led agricultural transformation and advance self-reliance, Africa Lead’s programs have set out to transform the capacity of leaders and institutions, activate networks and collaborative action, and ultimately empower African-led policy solutions at all levels of agricultural policy development.

Learning Series Objectives, Format & Focus

The objective of the Africa Lead II Final Year Learning Series is to educate Africa Lead’s partners about how the program’s work has evolved over the last six years and how the flexible mechanism allowed USAID and Feed the Future to respond to the rapidly changing African-led food security and resilience policy landscape. The learning series is intent on transferring experience, knowledge, best practices and lessons learned through a series of online webinars and in-person events (across Africa and a select number of events in Washington, DC), as well as through online materials (such as podcasts, blogs and articles) and thought-leadership pieces. 

The content of the learning series will be organized in four tracks that reflect the program’s key areas of Africa Lead II’s theory of change.

  • The first track is a general track of overarching or cross-cutting information related to Africa Lead’s overall goal of Supporting African-Led Food Security & Resilience.
  • The second track will focus on Africa Lead’s formative work on Transforming Leaders & Institutions.
  • The third track will focus on how Africa Lead evolved to focus on Activating Networks and Collaborative action as a key to driving transformative change.
  • Lastly, the fourth track will focus on Africa Lead’s specific strategies to Empowering African-Lead Policy Solutions at the sub-national (local), national, regional and continental level.

Each “Learning Event” will incorporate into the sessions the specific Africa Lead II Approaches that were essential to executing programming that reflected the core values of Africa Lead’s facilitative and collaborative mandate