Program Update | EAST AFRICA

Education Village Networks with the East African Community (EAC)

Meheti Kiyongo of Education Village (left) discusses 2018 activities with consultant Madawa Mhanga and Generose Minani of EAC (right). Photo credit: Africa Lead/James Collins

Twenty-four-year-old youth activist and program officer for the non-profit Education Village, Meheti Kiyongo, believes that supporting youth entrepreneurship is critical for economic growth and combating malnutrition in rural Tanzania. Meheti is passionate about Education Village’s focus on entrepreneurship, girl’s education, and food security.

Over the last two months, Meheti and Africa Lead technical expert, Madawa Mhanga, have cultivated a relationship with Generose Minani, East African Community (EAC) Principal Gender and Community Development Officer. Generose, who oversees a new EAC-ECOWAS-COMESA regional project entitled “50 Million African Women Speak” that focuses on women’s entrepreneurship, is interested in working directly with Education Village.

“EAC was impressed by our Foundation of Netherlands Volunteers (SNV)-funded School Sustainability Project… and wants to pursue further partnerships. This is an opportunity for some of the girls our organization supports… to improve their business skills and networks,” said Meheti. Generose also invited Meheti to serve as member of the EAC planning committee that is organizing EAC’s celebration of International Women’s Day next month, positioning Education Village to further network with development, government, and private sector partners.

Networking and these partnerships are important for Education Village’s sustainability and growth. “Partnerships and collaboration with regional organizations like EAC, projects, and the private sector are necessary for the Arusha region to take the next steps in development progress,” said Meheti.

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