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Facilitate NSA Support to CAADP Objectives

Winrose, a 24-year-old from Meru, Tanzania competed against and outperformed three contestants in the Feed the Future and USAID supported farming reality TV series, “Don’t Lose the Plot.” Photo credit: Africa Lead.

The 11th  meeting of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) Partnership Platform (PP), held in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 25 to 26, 2015, was themed “Walking the Talk: Delivering on Malabo Commitments on Agriculture for Women Empowerment and Development”. The meeting centered on the commitments made in the AU Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation for shared prosperity and improved livelihood at the 23rd African Union Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, in Equatorial Guinea last year. The two-day CAADP PP, brought together African and global leaders from a number of international organizations, African Governments including parliamentarians from select countries, private agribusiness firms, farmers, NGOs and civil society organizations. A communiqué has been drafted for circulation to member states and the donor community.

As part of Africa Lead’s support to NSA engagement with CAADP goals, Africa Lead delivered a presentation during the CNC launch preceding the CAADP/PP convening and worked with CNC members facilitating an extended Q&A session, as well as conducted a training for them on Mutual Accountability/Joint Sector Review (MA/JSR). The presentation was a combination of MA/JSR sensitization, explanation of pathways for NSA engagement in the process, and update on progress to date in AUC/ NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency /RESAKSS/Africa Lead efforts to strengthen the JSR process in partnership with18 African countries.

During a separate session, Africa Lead led a group exercise for CNC members focused on: (a) developing initial action items for stronger NSA engagement in JSRs in the countries in which CNC members currently work, and (b) brainstorming NSA commitments to agriculture sector development to match up with publicly articulated government, private sector, and donor commitments. As part of this group exercise, Africa Lead discussed with Uganda- and Zambia- based CNC members their strong interest in having Africa Lead design and deliver country-level NSA capacity building on MA/JSR. We will follow up on this item in the next quarter.

The main output of the 11th CAADP Partnership Platform—the first CAADP PP since the Malabo Declaration—is designed to help shape how resolve will be translated into action, results and impact. The PP helps build a shared understanding of country and regional needs and expectations of members for rolling out the Implementation Strategy and Roadmap including launching efforts to form technical partnerships to align with and support implementation. CAADP faces new implementation challenges that require new partnerships, including partnerships to integrate major initiatives and flagship efforts that are now in place making contributions to the areas and targets of the Malabo Declaration. Tapping these efforts is key to early success in achieving results and impact. The PP also plays a key role in understanding what the systemic institutional and policy changes are that are being targeted to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of development efforts. This PP was an important milestone to help shape actions to advance vital commitments around cross cutting issues such as gender, inclusiveness, regional trade, entrepreneurship development and youth employment.

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