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Photo Feature: USAID Kenya’s Bi-Annual Resilience Learning Event

Bi-annual PREG Learning Event

Africa Lead works as the learning support program to USAID’s Partnership for Resilience and Growth (PREG) in Kenya, regularly convening and facilitating learning between 24 of USAID’s implementing programs and government partners across Kenya.

Recently the partnership conducted its bi-annual learning event in the counties of Isiolo and Marsabit. The five-day event brought together over 100 participants from PREG partners, international NGOs (selected from the ASAL Donor Group), USAID, and representation from the two county governments. The objective of the learning event was to provide an opportunity for PREG and other partners to engage in a participatory process of critical reflection, analysis, and collective action for improving resilience programming and impact in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs).

The event, grounded in the PREG model of sequencing, layering, and integration, included site visits in various sub-counties in Isiolo and Marsabit, and reflection sessions that were guided by the following sub-thematic areas: community drought risk reduction in practice, market systems, and communications. The selection of sites was guided by the learning event objectives and an attempt to identify learning opportunities for program implementation on the three learning sub-themes.

Read more about the Bi-Annual Learning Event 


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