Evaluation Of The ‘Don’t Lose The Plot’ Tv Program

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Africa Lead commissioned Kantar Public East Africa to evaluate the impact of DLTP on knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, or intention to change behavior, related to farming and agribusiness practices.1 Data collection for this evaluation took place between August and December 2017. The program’s objectives were to encourage youth to consider farming as a lucrative career choice, provide information on how to start agribusinesses, and share useful agronomic information.

This report includes a set of findings based on Kantar Public’s evaluation. In addition, it outlines limitations of the evaluation and provides a set of recommendations based on the conclusions of the evaluation.

Conclusions from this evaluation indicate that Don’t Lose the Plot succeeded in increasing knowledge related to farming and agribusiness in Kenya and Tanzania, which resulted in improved farming and agribusiness practices among viewers. The findings suggest that improvements in knowledge, attitudes, and behavior associated with DLTP occurred mostly among youth already engaged in farming. In total, the evaluation estimated that 4.1 million youth in Kenya and Tanzania watched the pilot season of DLTP, of which 1.4 million were estimated to be high-intensity viewers.