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The Sustaining CAADP Momentum exercise, undertaken in 2012-13 in order to look back at the 10 years

of Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) implementation, concluded that

the CAADP vision was just as valid as it was in 2003 and that significant progress was made in building

systems and capacity for planning, prioritisation and formulation of investment programmes. CAADP

also mobilised multi-institutional and multi-sectorial interest and commitment to agriculture development.

It was also noted that there is a conspicuous and growing demand for results and impacts in and by the

agriculture sector. Subsequently, the CAADP Results Framework was developed.

The CAADP Results Framework provides Africa and its partners with a set of goals and results to be

pursued in the transformation of the agriculture sector. It gives the political and technical impetus to foster

policy alignment and harmonization of interventions geared at advancing the agriculture transformation

agenda. It articulates the targets to be achieved over the next ten years, and provides the set of associated

indicators. Accordingly, the Framework serves as a basis for promoting evidence-based policy and

programmatic design, implementation, reporting, accountability and learning.

The Twenty-Third ordinary session of the African Union Assembly held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

recommitted to the CAADP principles and goals and defined a set of targets and goals – referred to as

the Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation Goals 2025. In their Declaration in Malabo, the

Heads of State recalled the progress made and noted the need for monitoring, tracking and reporting on

the implementation of the progress made in the provisions of the Declaration using the CAADP Results


The CAADP Results Framework is an inherent part of CAADP implementation. It will provide all

stakeholders of African agriculture with standard, tangible parameters to benchmark progress in agricultural

performance. This will reinforce the culture of results-based programming and performance monitoring.

Implementation of the CAADP Results Framework is therefore a critical and integral component of the

efforts geared at enhancing capacity for agricultural transformation and the attendant desired results. For

this purpose, the African Union Commission and the NEPAD Agency, in collaboration with the Regional

Economic Communities, are pleased to place this document in your hands – country players and all those

working on or supporting change in African agriculture – for improving performance and fostering sustained

change and transformation in the agriculture sector.

H.E. Rhoda Peace Tumusiime,

Commissioner, Rural Economy and Agriculture,

African Union Commission

Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki,

 Chief Executive Officer,

 NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency