Transformative Leadership Training Curriculum

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Course Description

In an effort to scale up the cadre of individuals who understand the impact of strategic thinking and planning related to CAADP, USAID/Kenya has tasked Africa Lead II to develop and deliver a 5-day course specifically directed towards county leadership.

The course includes the following:

 AUC/CAADP framework and recommended agricultural policy interventions included in the 2014 AUC Malabo Declaration

 Food and nutrition security situation in specific counties, including challenges and opportunities to achieve food security targets

 Mutual accountability processes and the use of joint sector reviews to enhance participation of stakeholders in promoting agriculture transformation

 Leadership and change models that can be applied to transform the agriculture sector in the counties

 Strategic thinking and planning skills for agriculture and priority setting

Each participating individual will formulate a change action plan that will be linked to implementing the county investment plans. The action plans will be the basis for providing technical backstopping, mentoring and monitoring by Africa Lead II.